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Canadian Accounting Market

Seeking for a job is indeed a challenge. Yes, this is true to any, if not, to most professions. Some job offers or job postings are not well publicized, so more effort is needed to get the right and best job that suits each individual. However, there are a lot of ways that a professional can get a job, take for example an accountant in Canada. There a lot of opportunities in the Canadian Accounting Market. One could either go to further trainings to further advance and enhance one’s knowledge and skills, and increase their chances of landing a job. One could also go through recruitment agencies to help expand their chances of getting an employer all over Canada.

J.R and Associates Training for accountants provides accounting job training and a CO-OP program for those who wish to become an accountant in Canada, but still do not have any working experience in North America as either and accounting student, a fresh graduate or a new immigrant. After completing the accounting coop program, you will be able to land any accounting related entry-level or intermediate level jobs such as Tax Assistant, Accounting Clerk Accountant Assistant, Intermediate Accountant, A/R Accountant, A/P Accountant, Payroll Clerk, etc.

The students who enrolled in this job training and CO-OP program are now successfully working in various industries such as government, banks, TV stations, retail chains, accounting firms, financial institutions, manufacturing, distribution and wholesalers, etc. Fortunately for many students, the had the chance to joined well-respected organizations such as Tim Hortons, CIBC, Sleeping Country Canada, Scotiabank, Revenue East Asia Bank, Deloitte, Canada Agency, Ministry Finance, GE, TVO, etc. Some students also got the chance to enter into different CA firms. Luckily to some of the first enrollees of the said program, they have been promoted to supervisor, Accounting Manager, or Controller from their entry-level or intermediate level jobs.

There are a lot of recruitment firms that can help accountants land a job in the Canadian Accounting Market. One accounting firm is the Santif Group Job Placement where in their extensive research and staffing industry experience has enabled them to develop thousands of contacts in Canada that will help job seekers land with the best employers the industry has to offer. This recruitment firm promise to provide exciting career opportunities for aspiring accountant job seekers, successfully matching them with the positions they are looking for in Canada and aligning their professional skills with opportunities that fit their goals, personality, and interests. They claim to be a well-established firm with a respected reputation; therefore many of the best jobs come directly to this firm.

Another recruitment agency that can help an accountant job seeker is the David Aplin Recruiting which specializes in placing top-tier accounting and finance professionals with companies offering exciting accounting and finance jobs in Canada. Their accounting and finance consultants have been in the business for a long time and have already specialized in these areas, making them experts in putting the job seeker into the best career opportunities.